Hidden Politics

Finally, the Premier has listened to our cries. Things went a bit hectic after that whole incident with the twelve-sided dice in the air conditioner on a forty-seven-degree day, but they’ve settled down now. To make his silly act of sabotage up to us, Premier Norris has gotten window tinting, which means we are free to play Goblins and Grottos without fear of reporters photographing us in our adventuring gear and silly outfits. I’m free to dress up as Billfold the savage barbarian who wears only a loincloth without fear of public scrutiny.

Premier Norris was a bit upset that we didn’t want to play G&G on the hottest day in recent memory, so our final battle with the big bad boss was delayed. Today, we’re going to take the fight right to the Goblin Lord and stop him stealing the constitution to the Shield Coast. I’m not really sure why the Shield Coast needs a constitution, so I guess it’s a bit of a MacGuffin. But hey, Premier Norris is a politician, not a storyteller. I’ll go along with anything now that we have bought office tinting from a Melbourne business.

Premier Norris thinks it’s someone else’s turn to be Grotto Master once his campaign is over, because he’s got a great idea for a character. He’s keeping his character concept under lock and key, but thankfully he left the key on top of his desk this morning, so I had a look at what he’s planning. Apparently he’s going to be a powerful wizard politician who simultaneously rules two major cities of the Shield Coast, teleporting between them when required. It’s an interesting idea, but a little far fetched if you ask me.

I guess I should start planning for my next character. I don’t want to be a barbarian again. If we keep dressing up, maybe I should be something that wears more armour, like a knight. But do I really want to wear heavy plates of metal in the middle of an Aussie summer? Probably not.