My Beautiful Garden

I love the anemones in my garden. They’re so easy to manage, especially in a small garden space like mine. I have them in all sorts of colours, which makes the back of my house so nice and relaxing. There’s nothing I love more than reading a good book on the back patio, surrounded by these beautiful little flowers. I have others, of course, but the anemones are my favourite. Lately, I’ve been reading The Gathering Flowers, part of the Circle of Space series, and every time the flowers are mentioned, I cast a glance to my anemones. Even if the characters are in trouble, risking their lives in adventure, the flowers put me at peace.

I have been looking to expand my garden, though. Maybe with some bougainvilleas or oleanders. I’m not sure what would work best with the anemones. Perhaps the bougainvilleas, because they come in such a wide variety of colours. I could get a mix. A few purple, some white, a bunch of orange ones. I think that would really help set my garden apart. We don’t have a large amount of space, but I think it’s what you do with it that matters most. 

When my grandchildren come around, they’re always asking if they can water the flowers or check the rain gauge. It really makes my day when they show interest in my hobbies. After we spend some time on the patio together, I usually make them a nice dinner of fish and chips, or whatever meal they’re in the mood for. But even after we go inside, they’re often talking about the beautiful flowers outside. And when they go to leave, I make sure they take a few anemones to give to their parents. They’re a great flower for putting in a vase, lasting over a week. My daughter always gives me a call or a text message (is that what they’re called?) to say thank you. I’m just happy to be making a difference.