…that’s ASIMO-speak for ‘Welcome to my fan website! I hope you enjoy your stay!’

ASIMO’s language is very efficient. 

This website is dedicated to ASIMO, the humanoid robot created by Honda that took the world by storm at the turn of the millennium. The result of almost two decades of research and development, Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility (ASIMO) was a massive leap forward in robotics and artificial intelligence, all while having a fun and playful personality that made it a global sensation!

Here you’ll find a wealth of information about ASIMO, from the development stage to its many public appearances. We hope you enjoy learning about the world’s most beloved robot!

Who is ASIMO?

ASIMO is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, made to be bipedal (able to walk on two legs) and possessing loads of cool abilities that made it feel real and dynamic when interacting with humans. 

Development of ASIMO began in 1986, but it went through a number of stages and prototypes before emerging in the year 2000 as the lovable, astronaut-looking robot we all know and love. The goal was to create a robot that could be a handy home helper instead of just a toy.

ASIMO stands slightly below the height of an average human, runs on a battery, can be operated by voice commands or remote control and became something of a celebrity, making public appearances, going on tour and competing in game shows. Most notably, ASIMO has all kinds of sensors that let it interact with its environment, navigate different spaces and recognise gestures.

Want to know more about ASIMO’S abilities? We have a page for that!

Where’s ASIMO now?

Technology continues to move forwards, and nowhere is it more exciting than in the realm of robotics. The future of ASIMO is a closely guarded secret, but engineers at Honda have stated that they’re going to keep improving ASIMO until it’s the home helper it was always meant to be.

With every new model, our favourite little robot gets better and more innovative. Maybe one day, there will be an ASIMO in every home!