Goodbye Sally

Today is a truly sad day. We buried my best friend under the light of a late-summer sun. It has been coming for a while, but that didn’t make it any less painful. Sally, you will be sorely missed.

Who’s going to drive me to the cinemas, or hold my groceries on the way home? I could replace you, yes, but nobody can drive as well as you did. It simply isn’t possible. Already, I miss the way you would blink at me when we turned left or right. I miss your mirrors and your headlights. I miss the days when I’d find a good mechanic in Glen Iris to get you serviced. I know you were afraid of car doctors, but didn’t we have some good times going for petrol and ice cream once the service was done?

No car will ever be able to replace Sally. She was loyal and fierce. Boy was she fast. I’ll never forget the way the wind would rush through my hair when the windows were down. She truly was a magical car. It just wouldn’t feel right to get a new one. I have to wait a while, at least. But even using public transport seems treacherous to her memory.

I wish I’d been sooner to get car repairs. Glen Iris has great mechanics, but even their best efforts couldn’t save her. Not after the accident. I was a fool to look away, even for a second. My eyes were drawn away by that fancy billboard, with those shiny new cars. I now know there was only one car for me. And now she’s gone.

The funeral was beautiful. All her friends from the manufacturing factory showed up. My family came to support me and to say their farewells. We all have strong memories of Sally. Every one of us cried. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I just hope we did her justice.