Mechanic Interview

For a school project, I’ve been told to write a report on cars. I have to find out who invented cars and when they came to Australia. I also have to find out about the most popular car brands in Australia and which cars are the best for mechanics to service and repair. I’m fine with the first part because I can just search it all on the internet, but the second part of the assignment sucks. I have to interview my local mechanic and find out all about them. I don’t like talking to adults but I can’t fail the assignment or my parents will be really angry at me.

So I called the mechanic in the Ringwood area and told him about my assignment. He said he could talk to me whilst he was working on a car, but I would have to wear full protective gear. He said a mechanic’s workshop is a dangerous place for little kids because there are a lot of tools and oil around. I told him that I’m sixteen which means I’m not a little kid and he laughed. I’m not looking forward to going to talk to him.

Okay, I just had my interview with him. It went well and he answered all the questions I needed so I just have to go and add his answers to my assignment. As soon as I had the last question filled out, I wanted to go home and play video games. The mechanic was super into the interview though and started explaining to me the work he was doing at the time. Apparently, he was doing a logbook service. In the Ringwood area, apparently, drivers are really into keeping their cars in a good condition, which the local mechanic is super happy about. He told me to tell all my friends that they should choose him as their local mechanic when they turn eighteen. I’m not sure if I’ll tell my friends that, to be honest with you.