My Daughter’s Glasses

My daughter started kindergarten recently. She was so excited to finally become a ‘big girl’, and follow in her older brother’s footsteps through the kindergarten system. Each morning, she eagerly picks out her clothes for the day (often mismatching, but I let her do it anyway because it makes her happy), tugs on her backpack, and runs to get into the car. I’m so glad she enjoys it. However, I’ve also noticed that ever since she started learning to read that she tends to squint at the page, almost like she can’t actually see it properly. I immediately knew it was vision problems. I booked her into the best optometrist Bayside has to offer, at the earliest available appointment (literally the same day!). I wouldn’t want her poor eyesight to affect her ability to make friends or enjoy kindergarten.

The eye clinic ended up being quite modern, and was staffed by professional-looking employees who were friendly and happy to assist us. It turns out that our optometrist clinic was dedicated to children, as a number of the optometrists there had special qualifications related to children’s eyes. I was glad to have found such a comprehensive child’s optometrist. Once we arrived at the clinic, we were led into a room filled with various technology and tools, including that large board with letters and symbols on it that you always see advertised and associated with optometrists. The eye tests were very thorough. Just as I expected, it turned out that my daughter needed glasses because she was short-sighted. As her vision has only just started to become blurry, she doesn’t need a very strong prescription. But my daughter was excited to choose her frame shape and watch the optometrist put the lenses inside. When she goes to kindergarten next, she’ll be wearing her glasses. She looks so adorable in them! Hopefully this helps her read better now.