Tell Him He’s Dreamin’

Some of the things you see for sale on Plumtree… man, I don’t know. Maybe I’m overly suss on people selling vintage wares online, but it’s coming from a place of experience as a buyer and a seller both. 

What I’m looking at right now is a ‘rare 1973 tray back ute’ that ‘runs beautifully’ and just needs ‘a bit of panel work and a lick of paint’. At two and a half grand? Yeah, right. Runs to an acceptably standard for just long enough to convince you it’s a good buy, and then immediately conks out and costs you at least that much again if you want to keep your pride intact and be seen driving this thing. As the saying goes, tell him he’s dreaming. 

Personally, if I was in the market for a ute, I’d be inclined to shell out for a second-hand newer model, and invest in a new ute tray. Fabricators Melbourne wide are ready and waiting to knock together something that’s bound to be at least 200% stronger and longer lasting than whatever you’d find on a 1970s ute – especially one you got on Plumtree that’s been corroding in a garage for a couple of decades. 

I understand the appeal of old trucks. Really, I do. Why else do you think I clicked into this ad? Ultimately, though, a groovy facade has nothing on today’s aluminium ute canopies. Some of them even look cool, on top of being highly functional and durable. I mean, I guess you could graft one of those onto the back of a vintage Datsun, but it’s not something you see very often, which is probably because people investing in new canopies probably want a reliable vehicle for work or recreation. 

Anyway, moving on. How about some ‘free soil by the bogie load’, or perhaps a ‘Balinese-style TV cabinet’? Those are things, right?