Ute Be Sorry…

Nathan is infuriating! No matter how many times I explain to him the importance of arriving at the airport early, he just won’t take it on board. The worst bit is that the hold-up is always due to something that has virtually no bearing on our impending travels or even getting to the airport, but he somehow finds a way to spin it to give the illusion that it does.

This time, supposedly, it was not having the right straps to tie down the bags on the roof racks, which is complete hogwash seeings as there’s plenty of room inside the car. That’s why we got this massive dual cab truck, remember? In any case, the fact remains that things required for getting to the airport – whether or not they’re technically essential – should not be left until just before we’re meant to be leaving the house.

We’ve been over this numerous times. When we had that early flight to Singapore for my sister’s wedding a few months back, basically the same thing happened, except in that instance it was supposed a problem with the newly installed ute tray and accessories. Melbourne dudes like Nathan, who own utes without having any real purpose for them day-to-day, seem to love getting some custom part installed, then realising that it’s not right and trading it in for a new one. Well, Nathan decided he needed to do that on the day of our flight, claiming it was because our luggage would weigh down the vehicle unevenly. What a load of tripe.

Now he’s sitting at the gate reading an in-depth comparison of under-tray tool boxes for utes. He’s probably dreaming up his next excuse for almost missing a flight as we speak. This makes it all the more annoying. We always manage to get to the airport just in time, so I haven’t had the opportunity to say ‘I told you so’.