Driving Fling

The guilt is starting to get to me. I thought I could do this, leading a double life, but it’s much harder than I expected. I’ve almost been caught several times. I can’t stand it anymore, going home and thinking she’ll know where I’ve been. I’ve been having a fling with another car.

I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just kind of did. I found Matilda on the side of the road, all banged up and needing repairs. I was just going to take her to a mechanic in the Brighton area and go home, back to Doug. But what can I say? Even damaged and broken, Matilda just drives so smoothly. So I hung around, thinking about how it really would be nicer to drive home, rather than take the bus. When I got home, I hid Matilda in the garage.

Some days I tell Doug I’m going to take the train to work, but I actually take Matilda. Obviously, I still have to drive my first car from time to time. But Doug has started making crunching noises whenever I brake, and the tyres always feel like they’re flat, even though Brighton’s best tyre and auto says there’s nothing wrong.

I do feel bad about the whole thing, but I can’t stop. I’ve got two cars to look after now. But can I really keep this double life going? Maybe I’d be better just giving one of them up. They’d probably both be happier that way.

That’s it. I need to get this off my conscience, and start living a simple life again. Tomorrow I’m going to get a roadworthy certificate, and I’ll give Matilda to a driver who deserves such a great car more than I do. That way I’ll be able to sleep at night again. I’ve known this was the right decision for a long time, but I was in denial. Now that I’ve committed myself to it, I really do feel better. There is just one car for me, and it’s Doug.