Electrical Bacon

There’s a new trend taking the internet by storm. Have you heard of it? Electrical food. It’s really dangerous and quite stupid, but people are doing it anyway. I suppose it’s a bit like the laundry pod trend. Laundry detergent tablets aren’t safe to eat, and yet every video on my Me-Tube home page featured teenagers eating them like candy. So we really shouldn’t be that surprised when people start electrifying their food and eating it.

I watched one video the other day where a man went to an electrical supplies shop near Cheltenham and bought as many wires as he could afford. Then he travelled home, set up the wires to make electrical bacon, cooked the shocking food and ate it. The next three minutes show him spasming about on the floor, as the electrical currents tore through his body. His next video was about his time in hospital.

Honestly, he’s lucky he didn’t get a worse result out of all that. Electricity is dangerous. Despite this, there are so many people making these videos. Maybe I should go to a hardware store close to Sandringham and stand guard by all the electrical supplies. Honestly, they shouldn’t even be selling electrical supplies to children or adults with the intelligence of children. I think instead I’ll write a stern letter to the Premier of Victoria and ask him to introduce a simple intelligence test. Anybody below the national average should be considered a child for the purposes of… well, anything really.

Think about it, should somebody with the literal intelligence of a thirteen-year-old be trusted on our streets? These are the people who drive recklessly and put other lives at risk. As a society, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our happiness and safety for the feelings of people who really aren’t that smart. Forget literal age, that’s useless to us. Mental age tracking is the way of the future.