Emotional Tattoo

I saw the tattoo designs that the traditional tattooist came up with today. I was overcome with emotion when I saw the tattoo she designed for my oldest brother. He wanted a real tattoo that really showed my deceased brother’s portrait so that he would never forget what our brother looked like. The tattoo looked exactly like him. I was taken aback and I’m glad that my oldest brother has chosen to get that picture of him tattooed on his body. I’m also glad that it’ll be hidden by clothing because it would hurt me too much to see my brother’s face whenever I speak to my oldest brother. 

When my three brothers and I were in the tattoo shop in Brisbane, we were all in pretty good spirits. We’d had a good cry before we arrived and we were ready to immortalise our brother on our bodies for the rest of our lives. Every tattoo designed by the tattoo artist was perfect. She had encapsulated my brother’s memory better than we could have ever imagined and it made us all really happy. I just love him so much.

I’m getting his favourite phrase tattooed on my body as we speak. I’ve translated the phrase into Japanese so that people can’t just read it and know about my personal life easily. I’m a private person which is why I’m happy that I’ve chosen to go with a Japanese tattooist. Brisbane folks can not fluently read Japanese and so I’ll be able to keep my cards close to my heart whilst still honouring my brother.

I hope this gesture helps to keep my brother’s memory alive. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m already worried that I’ve forgotten what his voice sounds like. Or how he gets a crease between his eyes when he smiles. God, I would just do anything to have him back with me. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen.