My Eyes Changed

Two years ago I visited an optometrist because my eyes started changing colour. The colour change was gradual at first. I originally had bright blue eyes that slowly became greyer. I was disappointed once they turned grey because people stopped complimenting them. They used to be the talking point of every conversation. People used to be mesmerised by them and then they turned grey.

I spent time researching the phenomenon when I noticed what was happening and by all accounts my eyes changing colour wasn’t abnormal. It was rare, but even when I discussed it with my Brighton optometrist she wasn’t phased. I put my disappointment to the back of my mind and went on with my life. That was until my eyes started turning orange.

Seriously, I woke up one morning and my eyes were no longer grey. They were this dull orange colour that no one would’ve noticed unless they were looking. I obviously look at my eyes every day and so I noticed, and I was genuinely taken aback at the change. The transition from grey eyes to orange eyes was even slower than when my eyes stopped being bright blue.

People didn’t start commenting on the change for about a year and during that whole time, my eyes were getting sharper and stronger. I had always had good eyesight, but as my eyes hit their peak orange colour, I could see the most microscopic details in any spot in my peripheral vision. It was like magic and I knew it wasn’t normal so I visited a behavioural optometrist who specialised in weird eye conditions. The optometrist was dumbfounded. She tested my eyes and said they were sharper than any recorded eyesight in history. I was dumbfounded too. 

If you’re wondering how any of this was possible then read my next blog post. I’ve had two years to discover the secret.