Female Plumber

My daughter has just become a fully qualified plumber! As her father, I am so proud of everything she’s accomplished and absolutely ecstatic that she’s pursued a career that I know she can excel in. When she first expressed her desire to become a plumber, I was actually a bit surprised. I realise now that this was pretty backwards thinking, but I thought it was a man’s job and she would be better suited elsewhere. I suggested that maybe she try project management instead, so she could be involved with the plumbers without getting her hands dirty. Boy, did I hear about it. 

She proved to me, year in, year out of her apprenticeship that she was cut out for the job. She worked hard. She never complained. She was a genuine trooper and was determined to be the best drain plumber Melbourne had ever seen. And, I know for a fact she will be.

She performed fantastically in her exams and has been commended for her consistent high quality work by her boss. She’s breaking down all types of stereotypes and paving the way for more women in trades in the future. Put simply, my daughter is an inspiration to myself and everyone around her.

On her first day as a qualified plumber, she was in charge of each customers’ drain repairs. Brighton customers are apparently very good in the sense that they know what they want and work cooperatively with the plumber at hand, so she was very excited at the opportunity to be the A grade plumber in charge that day. 

Watching my daughter not only put her mind to something she believes in but also succeed, has been one of the best experiences of my life. This is certainly a bit cheeky of me, but it sure will be nice to have a plumber on retainer as well. Friends and family discount, of course.