Fixed Shower Tiles!

Today’s the day. After my phone call with the bathroom renovators, things have started moving quickly. They actually squeezed me in between bigger projects because they understood the urgency of it. They said that I shouldn’t have to go without a proper shower for any longer and because of that only a couple of days later, I’m getting a bathroom refurbishment.

I’m going to put caution tape over the shower door just in case they’ve underestimated the severity of the damage and actually do fall through the cracks in the tiles as I imagined. Hopefully, by putting the caution tape over the shower I’ll save myself from potentially getting sued. That would be an unexpected expense that I absolutely couldn’t afford. I’ll update you on what happens once they’ve been and gone.

They’ve gone! They fixed the shower! It only took them about two hours and as soon as they left I showered for about thirty minutes straight. It was glorious, and not something that I usually do, but very needed. Funnily enough, once they had fixed the tiles in the shower, they actually praised the bathroom design. Melbourne designers all really respect each other’s work (assuming that it’s good) and apparently they really liked the work done by my previous designer. I appreciated what they said, especially because I was embarrassed by the state of my shower. They could probably tell how I was feeling, and even if they just said that to make me feel better, it really did help.

Thankfully, they said that I shouldn’t have this problem again for at least another twenty years. The grout they put in is extra sturdy, and according to them the most durable grout in the business. I don’t know much about the shower grout business, but I trust what they said. It’s nice to know that I shouldn’t be expecting any more problems with my bathroom any time soon.