Hot Pink Dentist

Why do all dentists wear blue? In fact, I feel like that’s the standard throughout the entire health industry. People wear blue if they are a doctor, a surgeon, an aged care worker, or anything else. Is blue just the universal colour of health and medicine? Maybe it’s just a thing in my area. For once, I’d like to see a dentist in a hot pink scrub. Is that too much to ask for? Who says that hot pink is for women, anyway? Why can’t I have a male dentist wearing a hot pink scrub help fix up my teeth? I think that would be pretty cool.

This whole thought process of mine has started because yesterday I went to find the best plan for family dental around Bayside, and I just seemed to see blue everywhere. I saw a billboard for that hot new medical show, and all of the characters were wearing blue. I guess you could argue that the colour is closer to green, but I call it blue. Anyway, that’s not the point. After seeing that billboard, I went into all these different dentists, and all of the staff had the same blue scrubs.

Am I colourblind or something? I don’t think I am, but perhaps I need to look into it. I guess I still have to find out the price of dental implants, so while I’m doing that I can continue my research into this theory of mine. While I’m doing that, I’ll also try to work out if I am actually colourblind. My brothers always used to refer to a certain chair in our house as green, when I swear it was actually brown.

Maybe I really am colourblind… Please, readers, if you ever see a medical scrub any colour other than blue, send me a picture of it and say what colour it is. If I see it as blue, that must mean I’m the problem here.