Important Car Alterations

I’m currently driving to a support group for blind people. I’m obviously not the person who is blind – the blind person in my life is my younger brother. I read about the support group and I really wanted to take my brother to it to see if it positively impacts his life at all. I know he’s been struggling recently and it’s broken my heart. 

I’ve already done a lot to help my brother since his diagnosis. The first thing I did was go to the local mechanic close to Lockleys to get my car altered to best suit my brother. I wanted to make sure it was easy for him to find the car door, seat, seatbelt, and all that jazz. The mechanic had never come across a request like mine before, but he did such a good job with it that it’s one less thing that my brother and I have to worry about.

There is so much that needs to change in someone’s life when they go blind. It’s actually quite shocking just how vital eyesight is even for the most simple of tasks. I watched my beautiful little brother go from this sporty basketball player to someone who doesn’t leave his room except to go straight to the fridge. That’s why I’m hoping this support group will make a difference in his life. I want to give him something to bring joy back into his life again. 

When I get to the support group, I’m going to show everyone the improvements I’ve made to my car and recommend that they get an electric car repair in the Lockleys area at my mechanic because he knows how to make alterations for blind people. Everyone there will either be in my boat or my brother’s boat, and will be going through the same things as us. 

I want to make the lives of everyone affected by blindness easier.