Laundry Design Ideas

Recently, my family made an exciting purchase – a new house that became affordable due to a downturn in the housing market. Staying within our budget, we acquired an old property that requires substantial renovations. Nonetheless, I am thrilled with the creative freedom I have to design the house according to my vision. Though I consider myself a capable interior designer, I acknowledge that I am not an expert, but I do grasp the basics.

To kickstart the renovations, we are prioritising the laundry area, followed by the bathrooms and then the kitchens. These rooms demand specialised plumbing expertise, necessitating the involvement of skilled plumbers. This means I can’t simply design them as I please; rather, I must work around the plumbing elements, resulting in more extensive internal work than in other areas like the bedrooms and dining rooms.

In search of design inspiration and ideas, I have been exploring laundry designers online. The fact that we saved significantly on the house’s purchase allows us to indulge in splurging on such services. My primary aim is to create a stunning home for our friends and family to admire, so we are postponing our housewarming until the renovations are complete.

In addition to seeking the assistance of a laundry designer, I have been delving into the realm of the best laundry renovation ideas Melbourne has to offer. Our trendy city boasts a plethora of talented individuals, contributing to the abundance of exceptional design work available both online and showcased in various showrooms and design art events. My designer friends have also been guiding me towards reputable firms and companies to consider when hiring professionals. 

Considering the house’s age, there lies an extensive workload ahead of us before it becomes presentable to guests. However, as we embark on this renovation journey together as a family, it promises to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. While I eagerly anticipate designing my own bedroom, I recognise the importance of first completing the central areas of the house.