Business Conference Glaziers

As a personal assistant, my job has been quite unpredictable, encompassing any task my boss throws my way, no matter how random it may be. Throughout my tenure, the majority of my daily responsibilities have revolved around finance and typical administrative duties essential for running a business. However, recently, my boss decided to surprise me with a new challenge.

During a grand business conference we attended together last month, boasting prominent figures from across Australia and numerous smaller companies showcasing their products, we witnessed an impressive sales pitch led by a renowned commercial window tinting company operating in Melbourne. Their reputation preceded them, claiming to have an extensive list of satisfied clients. My boss was immediately intrigued and decided to hire their services.

To my surprise, she put me in charge of overseeing the entire job. My responsibilities included contacting the firm, scheduling their visit to our offices, and ensuring the installation met high-quality standards. Despite my lack of knowledge about glass installation, my boss insisted on my involvement. Our office space was a showcase of Melbourne’s leading architecture, and she wanted everything to be perfect. With apprehension, I took on the task, wondering how much help I could actually provide. 

However, my worries were unfounded. The tinting firm swiftly completed the installation, even offering a complimentary frosted window upgrade. Their efficiency was astonishing, leaving me with barely enough time to welcome them at our office reception before they finished. Beyond their speed, I was equally impressed by their professionalism and friendly demeanour. And the best part? They offered their top-notch services at an affordable price.

Observing their expertise made me contemplate reaching out to them again for potential car tinting services. Their outstanding performance left a lasting impression, and I am already planning to avail of their services for my own vehicle. With their excellent workmanship and approachable pricing, it’s an opportunity I can’t pass up.