Red Roses Gift

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, I have the wonderful opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day with a special someone. Last year, I found myself a girlfriend, and we’ve now shared nearly six months of blissful togetherness. Our relationship has been smooth sailing, but now I’m facing my first challenge: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I find myself utterly clueless about the perfect gift. I’ve already planned a surprise reservation at a fancy restaurant, followed by a romantic moonlit walk along the river. However, when it comes to a thoughtful gift, I’m at a loss. 

Initially, I thought of getting her the standard roses for sale – you know, those classic red ones bundled with delicate white sprigs. However, the florist shop assistant shook his head, convinced that such a gesture would fall short of impressing my girl. According to him, to truly sweep her off her feet, I needed to be more extravagant, a tad more indulgent. And though I’m not keen on lavishing my hard-earned money on a seemingly commercialised holiday, I know how much Valentine’s Day means to her. In a healthy relationship, compromises are part of the equation.

Thus, I swallowed my scepticism and asked the shop assistant to unveil the pricier roses. In a secluded corner of the store, a magnificent David Austin roses bouquet commanded attention, sitting regally like a king on its throne. The bouquet’s grandeur almost filled the entire shelf, surrounded by automatic misting machines pampering it with refreshing water at regular intervals. As I laid eyes on it, the moment felt like a scene from a movie, where the darkness recedes, revealing a single, resplendent object illuminated by a beam of light – and that object, for me, was this majestic rose bouquet. Call me crazy, but its beauty left me awestruck.

I am convinced; this is the perfect gift for her. To see her face light up with joy as she receives this stunning bouquet will make every penny spent entirely worth it. Perhaps, amid this grand gesture, we’ll create a Valentine’s Day memory that will endure in our hearts for years to come. And so, with excitement and a touch of nervousness, I anticipate celebrating this day of love with my beloved, cherishing every moment we share.