“Living” Without Heat

Day 15 Without Heating

What ever happened to the ducted heating we were supposed to be getting? Did the landlord see that it would cost more than five dollars and decide she would rather buy a single coffee on a cold winter’s day? If you gave her the option to do the right thing by her tenants or draw 25 cards in a game of You Know, she would choose the 25 cards every day of the week. I have now accepted that we will not be receiving ducted heating. Around Melbourne, houses have gone up in renting prices, so moving out isn’t really an option. We are stuck here, without heating, until this winter passes. We are living, but are we really “living”? We are not.

Day 17 Without Heating

I swear that Melbourne wasn’t always this cold during the winter. There definitely shouldn’t be frost on my windows, right? Truth be told, I can’t remember anymore. The chill has gotten into me so deep that I can’t say with certainty that we even do live in Melbourne. Perhaps my house is in Russia, Alaska or even in Antarctica. I have no way of knowing anymore. Have I been hoping for a heater service technician from Melbourne that will never come, because we aren’t anywhere near there? Am I losing my mind?

Day 23 Without Heating

Today, my daughter asked me if she could have an icy pole, so I walked over to the window and pulled an icicle from the top of the windowsill. I’m not sure why she would want something so cold when we live in freezing temperatures, but I won’t complain as long as it keeps her quiet. The girls like to complain about how cold it is in the hopes that I will eventually crack and burn some wood. Well, guess what, girls. It’s never going to happen. Of course, my wife isn’t too happy about that either, but I’m calling the shots here.

– From the diary of a very cold, very annoyed tenant.