Protesting Against Driving

I am protesting against cars and driving. It has become such a norm in our society that you have to drive or own a car to be considered a successful ‘adult’. Well, I strongly disagree with that notion. I am single-handedly saving the planet by refusing to get my license or drive a car. Have you seen how much of an impact driving has on the environment? It’s horrific.

My friends always talk about how they need another diesel service because their diesel car isn’t working. Diesel is so bad for the planet! It’s just atrocious that my friends feel like they have to drive around these bulky, old, and dangerous cars because society makes it seem like you have to drive to be accepted. And it’s costing my friends a crazy amount of money too.

It isn’t hard for me to avoid driving. I live in an area with great public transport and it’s also walking distance to everywhere that I need to go. My friends live extremely close to me and so it wouldn’t be hard for them to do the same, but they just feel like they have to drive because of societal pressure. It’s so sad. Any time they tell me that they have to visit the local best mechanic Raceview has to offer. My heart hurts for them. There goes another few hundred dollars. Giving in to the pressures of society is just all around bad. People are truly worried that if they don’t drive, don’t have the best car, and don’t get it serviced then they won’t be accepted. I am here to prove them wrong so that they can live free lives the way that they want to.

This is actually my first time ever documenting my endeavour to create change. I hope now that I’ve come out publicly against the pressures of driving, other people will do the same. I will keep you all updated with how my protests are going and who I’ve gotten on board.  

– Michael