My Animation Idea

I’ve had an awesome idea for an animation, which we could use for my company. Before I get on to telling you about the animation, I should tell you about my work. We’re a not-for-profit business that works to save marine animals that are in danger from pollution. We try to raise awareness of the dangers of pollution so that the fish, dolphins and other marine creatures can live better lives.

So my animation idea is about this undersea town, where all these quirky creatures live. I have this idea for one character (possibly the main character of this short animation) who is actually a kitchen sponge. It’s funny because instead of being a sea sponge, he’s just a yellow square. Then he’ll have a best friend who is a starfish, and a greedy boss who is a crab. I see these characters, and more, coming together for a few quirky adventures. Maybe Square Sponge (that’s the main character’s name) could work in a kitchen or be trying to get his driver’s licence.

Of course, I’m going to need a corporate video production business based in Melbourne to help me out with this, because it’s a pretty big project. I think that we should start small, with about three or four ten-minute webisodes to promote my not-for-profit organisation. If it was really popular, however, I think we could stretch it to three seasons or so. After that, we could make a movie or something, but we’d have to finish up there. I think the quality would really go downhill if we continued to make content about these characters after a successful movie.

Now I just need to pitch it to the board and find a good 2D animation company that could help make my vision a reality. Then I’ll be well on my way to overseeing fun adventures with Square Sponge, Pink Starfish, Greedy Crab, Underwater Squirrel and Grumpy Octopus. I’ll be known as a genius for creating something so original and hilarious. Oh, and saving all the marine animals is important too.