Old Car Restoration

I’ve been really big on investing since I turned eighteen. I’ve invested in everything known to man – crypto, bricks and mortar, ETFs, you name it. I’ve invested in it. Why is this relevant? Because it shows that I take my decisions very seriously but I’m not afraid of a little risk, either. In fact, I love risk and I actively seek it out. I just get excited at the prospect of things going better for me than originally expected. Like when I started investing, no one thought I’d be up as much as I am this early in my portfolio. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked again.

Pretty much, I bought myself a car a couple of weeks ago with some of my returns and dividends from my investments, and I purposely bought a really old but nice car. It’s a vehicle that’s going to need a number of significant car repairs in the Adelaide area, and I’m okay with that. The thought of me buying this run down, but expensive, car and building it back up to its former glory gives me chills. It would be symbolic of my success in the stock market, and I would be driving around showing everyone in Adelaide just how fantastic my old school car is. 

A lot of people are questioning why I didn’t just buy a brand new car, seeing as I could very easily afford one with my dividends. That just proves why I am different and more successful. I don’t take the easy route. I don’t need to buy a new car and get a logbook service in the Adelaide CBD, because that’s what chickens do. I am no chicken.

With my blood, sweat and tears, I will work hard to restore an old car with a mechanic. I am going to keep buying cars with my dividends as I MAKE MORE AND MORE MONEY. That’s in caps because it’s my life goal. I scream it when I say it in real life too. I’ll scream it out my car window.