Takeaway For Granted

It’s so easy to take certain things for granted, until you’re forced to acknowledge how absurdly luxurious the situation is. In no arena is this more true than that of food delivery. It’s the most banal thing, yet as little as a century ago it would have been considered an unattainable luxury for most everyone.

Sure, having someone take care of food preparation has always been a thing for those in the upper class, but these days even those lacking in wealth can often afford to outsource this task. As if it wasn’t already enough to have a wide range of foods at our fingertips, including many that are out of season or not able to grow in our local area, we can now have folks make us a meal to order and drop it off at our house.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, necessarily. In this day and age, time is at a premium, and sometimes meal prep is going to get pushed down the priority list. In some cases, a healthy food delivery is going to give a better outcome than making food at home, especially for those who are especially time poor and willing to opt for food from a maker with good nutritional credentials.

When it comes to weight loss, prepared meals can be a secret weapon, or so I’m told by Brenda down the road. Apparently, she lost 3kg in as many weeks while subsisting solely on these calorie-controlled, nutritionally balanced frozen meals designed by nutritionists. I don’t think I need to mention that weight loss isn’t everything, but still, it’s worth knowing that it’s possible to live on premade, home delivered meals for three weeks and not gain half your body weight.

I predict that, pretty soon, we’re all going to be taking for granted that home delivered food is actually a solid nutritional choice. Gone will be the days of delivered food that contains an amount of salt, refined sugar and canola oil that would horrify us if we only knew about it. We’re in a historic epoch of eating takeaway pizza with abandon.