Super Cool Hero

Steve and I had a big fight earlier today. It was about the stupidest thing, but the battle was nuclear. He wanted to go join the Superhero Training Academy, which is such a terrible idea, but he wouldn’t listen to a thing I said. He’s got a family to look after, but he just said that it was his destiny, because he shares a first name with Commander America! Steve argues that if he goes and studies to become a superhero, he’ll be able to protect his family better. But he’s ignoring the fact that you have to live at the academy for up to ten years before getting your superhero licence! His children will all be adults by the time he gets back! Did he listen? No. He said that if he applies himself he could be done in as little as three years! Three years!

When I refused to listen to this crazy idea any longer, Steve started sulking, sitting in front of the air conditioning. Canberra isn’t even hot today, but he turned it on full blast for some reason. Half an hour later, the air conditioning unit broke down. What an idiot. First, he wants to go become a superhero, then he breaks the air-con, what, out of spite? If he can’t be cool then none of us can? Is that what this is about? Now I’ve got to find fast air conditioning repairs from Canberra. Steve’s probably going to get sick now, and first thing tomorrow morning he’ll be begging me to make some soup. To be fair, I am pretty good at making soup.

Hey, maybe I should go to the STA and learn to become a superhero. If it’s such a reasonable idea, I’m sure Steve will have no issues with me dropping everything and leaving. I could take the name Souper Woman and use my powers to help feed those that need it during the day. At night I’d fight criminals like any other superhero. Let’s see what he thinks about that.