Super Cool Hero

Steve and I had a big fight earlier today. It was about the stupidest thing, but the battle was nuclear. He wanted to go join the Superhero Training Academy, which is such a terrible idea, but he wouldn’t listen to a thing I said. He’s got a family to look after, but he just said …

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Turtle Adjustments

It’s been a difficult adjustment, moving to Earth. It’s been a few months now since my friends and I escaped the dungeon created by Archer, defeated the wizard and teleported to the place where he was supposed to revive. There we found a little black box and destroyed it, so I guess Archer isn’t coming …

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Aircon Smashing Bandit

“You don’t think these could be connected, do you Schlock?” I shook my head, considering the crushed air conditioning unit in front of us. “I think it’s too early to draw conclusions. However, yes, I do believe these are definitely connected. No doubt about it. The Glass Smashing Bandit disappears for a few days, just …

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