Turtle Adjustments

It’s been a difficult adjustment, moving to Earth. It’s been a few months now since my friends and I escaped the dungeon created by Archer, defeated the wizard and teleported to the place where he was supposed to revive. There we found a little black box and destroyed it, so I guess Archer isn’t coming back again. But unfortunately, we were stranded on Earth, so I’ve had to adjust to life here. It’s not easy when you’re a giant turtle lady.

I finally got around to watching the television show Adolescent Samurai Turtles, which everyone thinks I am dress up from. I suppose I can see the resemblance. I’m just glad that people don’t suspect I’m actually some sort of freak like the Superhero Squad did. They encouraged me to go to the Superhero Training Academy, which I could totally do with my druid powers, but I’d rather just watch all these tv shows and movies. They’re really good!

I’ve been blasting the gas heater at home. Because I spent my entire life in a hot jungle, I’m not really accustomed to this colder Melbourne weather. My housemate insists that we need to get a carbon monoxide tester to come around because it can be dangerous to run a gas heater all the time, but I’m not too worried. I’m immune to poisons of all kinds, and if she gets sick from the carbon monoxide, I can just heal her. Heck, I can even raise the dead at this point.

It’s kind of crazy how powerful my companions and I got, just in a couple of months while exploring a jungle and then a dungeon. When we set out, I could barely light a stick on fire. Now I can provide all the cooling Melbourne could ever need with a few ice storm spells. I can turn into literally any animal I want to and even summon giant beams of sunlight. I didn’t even practice. It seemed like every time I went to sleep I woke up with new powers. So even though life has been kind of odd since our adventure finished, I can’t complain.