Random Glass Explosion

I didn’t even know glass could shatter like that. It feels like I’m in some reality TV show or sitcom where the most bizarre things happen to me. The thing is, I didn’t even do anything to make the glass explode. It just did.

Today I’ve been moving house, and it all went really well. Until the glass tabletop. We got to my new house in Cranbourne, and as I was carrying the tabletop out of the moving truck, I began to walk up a few stairs to the doorstep. It was quite heavy, so I placed the glass on the ground for just a second and leant against it. The next thing I knew, it was in a million pieces and I was falling off the stairs from my support suddenly disintegrating. How the heck did that even happen?

I wonder if it’s worth calling for glass repair. Melbourne has plenty of great glaziers, but I’m not sure even their finest efforts could fix this. I mean, it’s just gone, blown up as if placed next to a stick of dynamite. I can’t do justice as to how sudden it was. And yet somehow every piece of it is in chunks. There’s no dangerous, sharp glass anywhere. All of it can be handled safely. Seriously, it’s like something out of a fantasy or sci-fi book. Suddenly exploding glass. There’s probably no point in trying to fix it, but then again, a second opinion couldn’t hurt. I wouldn’t mind getting a quote for a stair balustrade as well, so that I don’t fall off the stairs again.

It’s just a shame that nobody was filming when it happened. “Man Shocked from Random Glass Incident” would go viral, in my humble opinion. My reaction must have been priceless. We all just stood in silence for a while, before bursting out into laughter, even though we had no idea what had happened. Was there a sniper somewhere on the street that put a bullet through the glass? I don’t understand. Has anything like this ever happened to you?