Crazy Kids

As it turns out, children are far more destructive than I expected. This weekend we’ve had my niece and nephew over, while my sister and her husband go out of town. Tom tried to warn me, he really did, but I wouldn’t listen. He grew up in a big family, with two younger brothers and …

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Random Glass Explosion

I didn’t even know glass could shatter like that. It feels like I’m in some reality TV show or sitcom where the most bizarre things happen to me. The thing is, I didn’t even do anything to make the glass explode. It just did. Today I’ve been moving house, and it all went really well. …

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Why Tinting?

I’m not sure why we need office window tinting, but here we are anyway. The boss said it’s “essential to our productivity”, but I don’t understand how that works. If we know we aren’t being watched by people outside the office, won’t we be more inclined to slack off? There must be another reason. At …

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