Crazy Kids

As it turns out, children are far more destructive than I expected. This weekend we’ve had my niece and nephew over, while my sister and her husband go out of town. Tom tried to warn me, he really did, but I wouldn’t listen. He grew up in a big family, with two younger brothers and three younger sisters. Stuff got broken all the time, apparently. I was silly enough to think my sister’s children were little angels. She certainly made it sound like that.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting door replacement. Melbourne homes don’t usually lose their doors, that I know of. Turns out Melbourne homes are no match for Sarah and Jackson. To be fair, they are sweet kids, and a genuine joy to be around. But boy are they destructive. The moment they stepped through the door they set to work, planning how they were going to tear down our front door. I thought they were joking. But in the middle of the night, I felt a strong breeze. Front door? You guessed it. Missing. Before that, though, they broke a few other things. I need to find a store that offers sliding windows replacement because the kids destroyed every single one in the house. They threw anything they could through the windows. Rocks. Toys. Even the toaster has a new home in the garden! Why didn’t my sister warn me about this?

I just hope that giving them more sugar will help. I’ve heard about sugar crashing before, and can only assume it means that sugar slows them down. I don’t understand. Sarah and Jackson were fine before their first ten cups of red cordial. Oh! There’s a knock at the door. I hope it’s Tom, back from his business trip. He’ll know what to do.

Well. He did know what to do. Turns out the sugar was making the kids hyper, so technically all this is my fault. Looks like I don’t know the first thing about children.