Car Radio Escapism

One of my favourite things to do is listen to the radio. I lose myself in the stories shared by the hosts and the listeners. I revel in the music and new beats and I’m obsessed with the escapism of the whole experience. I mostly listen to the radio when I’m driving. This is because I find driving to be pretty boring and would avoid it if I could, but listening to the radio makes the experience ten times better.

I was driving down the local freeway towards the city a few days ago and it became pretty obvious that I needed a tyre service. Even in the middle of my favourite form of escapism, it was hard to ignore the fact that something weird was going on with my tyres. Luckily the freeway was pretty quiet so I was able to safely pull over and give my mechanic a call. I knew it was important to get it checked out straight away. I know that my car isn’t in the best shape, purely because it’s old and so I need to do what I can to maintain it or I’ll have to spend big bucks buying a new one. I can’t really afford to do that, so getting my tyres fixed when they need it is the way to go. I got a new radio installed when I bought the car second hand… that was an absolute must.

So today I picked my car up from the local mechanic shop. Brunswick, where I got it serviced, is actually pretty far from my house, but I put my earphones in and tuned into the radio and walked the 10km to pick up my car. The walk actually took me a lot less time than I thought it would, which is probably because I was zoned out the entire time. Listening to the radio seriously is great. It’s changed the way I do things completely. I was even reluctant to take my earphones out when I got to the mechanic. The vibes were just too good.