Concept Thieves

I don’t understand why people won’t believe me when I tell them about Concept Artists and the scandal behind their first album. I keep telling my roommate that I should give the story to a reporter, but he insists nobody will care. We’re dealing with one of the most famous bands of the last few years. Apparently I don’t stand a chance against them. I have to get it out there, though, even if nobody believes me.

The thing is, I know something that nobody else does about Buying and Selling, the band’s first album. The truth is, it’s not an original work, at least not in concept. It all started a few years ago when I heard about a band looking for a new guitarist. I met up with them and auditioned for the part, meeting the famous Robbie R himself. I got talking with the guy and he asked if I had any ideas for albums. I pitched to him this epic rock opera I’d been working on for years, all about a man’s experience with conveyancing near Bentleigh. It was based on my real experience of buying a house in that area. Robbie said it was a cool idea and that he’d get back to me about whether they would accept me in the band. I never heard back from him.

Six months later, Concept Artists announced their first album, Buying and Selling, which was all about a man who just bought a house and had a good experience with his conveyancing lawyers. I couldn’t believe it. They’d stolen my idea! Perhaps they should have named themselves Concept Thieves instead. That would be more appropriate. The thing is, I can’t prove that this concept album was my idea because I composed the whole thing in my head. There’s absolutely no physical evidence to suggest that I came up with it first. That’s why my roommate thinks I don’t stand a chance in court if I sue the band. I believe in the power of the public, though. With my story out there, maybe I’ll finally have justice. If you believe me, I’m taking donations on my social media to help with the legal fees. Thanks, everyone!


– Jeffrey