Misleading Metal

I’m writing this blog post to give a warning to anyone from Victoria. If you hear about a shop called Metal Suppliers Melbourne, it is not a place to buy steel supplies. I’m very frustrated because the reviews for this business are glowing. Somebody said it was the “best metal Melbourne had to offer”, and another said it was “simply glorious in how magnificently metal it is”. Naturally, I thought this would be a great place to get some steel fabrication done. I drove two hours from my house just to check this place out.

It wasn’t a steel workshop at all. I thought something was odd when I got to the door and found a bouncer there, who asked for my ID. It was also suspicious that I could hear loud, screechy music coming from inside. Nonetheless, I entered with high hopes. It turns out that Metal Suppliers Melbourne is actually a warehouse converted into a heavy metal music venue. Talk about a disappointment!

What a total waste of my day. Now I won’t get my project finished on time. It was for work, due by the end of the day. Heavens know why my boss wants a giant statue of Kyle Ron from Space Battles, but I tried my best to get it done. I might even get fired since my boss has that terrible temper and a replica red light sword that actually cuts through things. He gets us to call him Supreme Leader Ron, as well. I think he might like those movies a little too much.

Where am I supposed to go now? Melbourne steel fabricators aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, especially once you’re two hours north of the city. I really should leave a bad review. It’s so misleading to name your business something that could obviously be mistaken for a place you can get real steel fabrication. I’m just so annoyed now! Will I ever get over this? Probably not. Will I end up leaving a bad review? Maybe. It’s probably too much effort, though.