Immersive Gaming

I’ve been really struggling lately because I haven’t been able to play my favourite video game ever: Spyridon the Chimera. The game works fine, as does my console, but the conditions have been poor lately. I like to really immerse myself in the gameplay, making it feel like I’m actually right there with my favourite purple chimera. The main way I do this is by blasting the heating system in my house every time Spyridon breathes fire with his dragon head. Since that’s the main attack in the game, my house ends up quite hot, which is exactly what I want.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that my heater is broken. I’ve contacted a business which fixes heating and air conditioning for the Canberra area, and they suggested that I shouldn’t abuse my heating system so much, and give it time to recover. But I want to play Spyridon 3: Year of the Chimera now! It’s not fair. What am I supposed to do in the meantime? Play Spin the Bandicoot instead? My advanced spinning chair is broken as well. I’m really bored and I don’t know what to do.

If only there was a heating services & repairs company Canberra residents (like me) could rely on to fix their heater, or even give me a new one. Then I’d be back to playing my video game and enjoying the fun times. There’s always that game where Spyridon can breathe ice instead of fire, but everyone knows it’s terrible. I wouldn’t waste my time on that… usually. I’m getting desperate, though. Soon enough I’ll crack, pulling out my old copy of Spyridon 4: Enter the Mosquito. Now that’s the sign of a desperate man. Surely it won’t come to that. I swore I’d never play that game again. That’s a promise I don’t want to break. Even if it means I have to sit here completely bored for the next ten minutes, until my heater is working again, I won’t succumb to such desperate measures.