Go Bait Boards!

Charlie’s at it again, is he? I don’t understand why he thinks that the Bow Rails would be a good name for a football team. He’s the club president, so he’s telling everyone that’s what we’re called, even though we haven’t had a vote on it yet. Apparently his blog post said that we all chant “Go Bowies” whenever a goal is kicked, but he’s actually the only one who says it.

Now, if you ask me, I think we should be called something completely different. What’s a good name for a football team where all the players are marine welders? Let me tell you. If I had it my way, we’d be the Malvern Bait Boards instead. It’s much more memorable than the Bow Rails. What would our logo even be if that was our name? A metal rod? How boring. With the Bait Boards as your name, you could have a board with a small fish on it, like a bait board. Pretty clever. And our chant would be “Go Boardies”, not “Go Bowies”.

I’m getting really sick of Charlie playing Dave Bowie music at our training sessions, too. Like, we get it, you want

us to be the Bowies. It’s not that funny. Anyway, it needs to be put to a vote before anything is certain. That’s in the constitution for our Society of Marine Fabrication. Near Melbourne, almost all such societies have a constitution to prevent their president from making stupid decisions like naming your team the Bow Rails.

We’ve got a few other good ideas, as well. I don’t have my heart set on the Bait Boards, although it would get my vote. There are at least four other options, all of which are better than the Bow Rails. We certainly have some interesting times ahead, as a club. Our application to join the Australian Footy Tournament is due on Wednesday, so we’d better get it sorted soon.

– Nicolas