Elaborate Career Advice

Career counselling day at school again? I feel like we have one of these every few months, which seems a little overkill if you ask me. I’ve even chatted to our year level’s coordinator, and he just says that these days are necessary so that we are extra prepared for the world outside of high school.

I’m not buying it, personally. It is entirely possible that Mr Scott plans these career coaching days because he thinks my dream of becoming a professional author is unrealistic. I honestly wouldn’t put it past him to orchestrate this just for one student. That’s the kind of man he is. I suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world. He cares about all of the students in his year level, and that’s commendable. I just wish I didn’t have to sit through career coaching for students every three months.

The funny thing is that career counselling always goes great. The career consultant is always super supportive of my hopes and dreams, giving me suggestions on which writing courses to take and which jobs to apply for once school is over, making use of my creative writing skills. So Mr Scott, if you want to convince me not to be a writer, you may want to get a career consultant around Melbourne who is less supportive of that very dream. Just an idea.

I really enjoyed these career counselling days at first. After the fifth one, though, you kind of realise that there isn’t much else they can advise you on without going over ground we have already covered. I sit there with Ms Bella as she suggests courses and jobs and I reply, “We talked about that last time”. It’s a little tiresome.

I wonder if any of the other students have had this problem. Maybe I should ask them. It’s possible it is just a me thing. If that’s the case, maybe the counsellor and I should play some word games or something instead.