Word Association

I want to play a word association game with you. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved playing word games. My mother was an English tutor at university, you see, so she played them with me a lot. Word searches and crossword puzzles when I was young, then more advanced games as I became a teenager. We would come up with anagrams all the time, just for fun. She once made me read an entire seven-book series just because one of the plot twists involved an anagram (hello, Odd Lane).

Anyway, so I’m going to say a strange phrase, and you, through the website’s contact form, are going to tell me what you associate with them. Make sure you send it to me before reading the rest of the post, because I want to play as well! Okay, here we go. The phrase is ‘bathroom and laundry renovations for the Melbourne area’. I love to get renovations of any kind, but particularly bathroom and laundry ones. That’s how I came up with those words. Now quickly, send through whatever comes to your head, so that you can keep reading the rest of the post.

What do I think of when I read those words? Well, I think back to my time as a child, living with Mother. There was one particular day when Mother wanted to get an ensuite renovation, even though we already had two working bathrooms and she rarely even used the ensuite. I think it was just because she missed Father, and he had always wanted to renovate that bathroom.

I look forward to hearing about what my readers associate those words with. A childhood memory, an argument with a partner, or perhaps hopes for the future. Good or bad, these connections we have through words alone are simply fascinating. Please send me your messages as soon as possible. If the response is good, I will do one of these again.

– Enora