Interior Painted Mural

My friend’s parents just got divorced. Her dad made some bad investments and went bankrupt and her mum divorced him as a result. She really doesn’t like her mum because her mum has never been particularly nice, and so my friend has chosen to move out with her dad.

Being bankrupt, her dad can’t afford to buy a nice house and so they’ve moved into some small dingy place in the rougher suburbs of Melbourne. We both grew up in well off families, so she is struggling to adjust to her new living environment. Ever since she moved, she’s been sleeping on the couch of her dad’s place instead of unpacking and organising her new bedroom. She told me that she chose not to unpack so that this whole thing wouldn’t seem too permanent. It broke my heart.

And so, I’ve got my boyfriend to distract her for the next forty-eight hours whilst I unpack and set up her room. I’ve hired a local painting contractor to paint a feature wall in her room. She loves Greece, and so he is going to paint a beautiful Greek mural on her wall. I’m hoping that it’ll make her feel calm and at home, rather than like her world has been torn to pieces. 

My dad has also spoken to her dad, and we’ve employed an interior painter in Melbourne to paint the entire house as well. I think it’ll be a lot nicer with a fresh coat of paint, and my dad is more than happy to help my best friend out. 

It’s not her fault that all this happened but she’s really suffering because of it. I hope that doing this for her helps, because she deserves to feel comfortable in her own home. I know she would do the same for me if roles were reversed, which means the world to me. I love my best friend, I’ll do anything to make sure she’s okay.