Safe Car

I’m teaching my boyfriend of two and a half years to drive. He’s twenty-five years old and doesn’t have his drivers license, which is fine, but he’s ready to start learning now. I’m really honoured that he’s chosen me to be his teacher. I have my full license so it’s completely legal for me to teach him to drive, and I think it’ll bring us closer as a couple. I love that he has this trust in me. 

He was in an accident when he was young and has had a fear of driving ever since. Because of this, I promised him that I’d make sure my car was as safe as possible for him to drive. It was probably about time that I get a car service anyway, and so went ahead and made a mechanic booking. Moorabbin has plenty of competent mechanics, but I’ve been going to the same one since I bought my car seven years ago. I’ve never had any problems with my car and I think that my mechanic is a big reason for that. 

My boyfriend had his first driving lesson with me last week. It went well. We just drove really slowly around the back streets so that he could get a feel of what it was like to be behind the wheel. He did a really good job and I am really proud of him. 

It was a good thing that I got my car checked out before letting him get behind the wheel though. As it turned out, I needed a tyre repair. Near Moorabbin, the roads aren’t particularly harsh on my tyres, but I hadn’t had one for a couple of years, so it made sense. I’m glad I got it done before my boyfriend drove my car. If anything happened to the car whilst he was driving, it’d probably be another twenty-five years before he was mentally prepared to drive again.

My boyfriend is an inspiration and I’m so proud of him for overcoming his fears. I know he’ll make a good driver when he’s ready.